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Providing opportunities for all people
to learn, celebrate, and share
through cultural experiences.

  • Offering orientation services to the Sioux Falls Community and to the American culture
  • Providing the resources for English language proficiency and life skills education
  • Serving as a Resource Center for the culturally diverse community through assistance with Adult and Youth Services
  • Developing and supporting programs to address the needs of youth
  • Educating the community regarding diversity

What's New?

*Thank you to those that attended the 18th Annual Festival of Cultures! Planning has begun for the 19th Annual for next summer. Our website will be updated as new information becomes available.

*After school programming will begn in September and will follow the Sioux Falls School District schedule. No School or early release means there will be no after school programming.

*Have you heard about our new program for the fall of 2014? Native Reads becomes Natives Count and will focus on increasing math based skills. The curriculum will follow the SF Public Schools.

*Regular office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm
teléfono 605.367.7401
telefon 605.367.7401
تليفون 605.367.7401
telefoni 605.367.7401

*The Alternative Gift Market is open. Click here to see how you can help your Multi-Cultural Center.