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Rules & Regulations


The Multi-Cultural Center (MCC) reserves the right to refuse the rental of The Coliseum to any individual or organization.


Each rental includes the following:

  • Multi-Purpose Room (approximately 9,400 square feet)
  • Historic Stage
  • Balcony (Not handicapped accessible) Any mobility concerns accommodated on the main floor.
  • Commercial kitchen includes: Refrigerator, 10 burner gas stove, double ovens, and prep space only. (No serving utensils, dishes, pans, or linens are included)


The rental of The Coliseum limits the lessee to use or enter the premises at only those times as stated in the Rental Agreement. Set-up and tear-down times must be included in the Rental Agreement. All rentals must conclude by 12 am (midnight).

Lessee or designated responsible individual must be in The Coliseum during the entire rental. The MCC Event Supervisor must be notified anytime the lessee leaves the premises.


Set-up and tear-down times will be included in the contract and cannot interfere with MCC Programs. It is the lessee’s responsibility to set-up, tear-down, and clean up after the event. Clean-up must occur immediately following the conclusion of the event. MCC is not responsible for safeguarding or preserving any property left at MCC after the agreed upon rental hours. Any items left after the agreed upon rental hours will be disposed of by MCC immediately.

The lessee will provide a detailed listing of all set-up requirements, including vendor arrangements, at least 1 week prior prior to the event. The lessee shall be responsible for the cost of any special electrical equipment, installation, or fitting which may be required for the event. All deliveries and pick-ups must be coordinated with the MCC staff. MCC will not be responsible for event-related materials delivered prior to the rental hours. The lessee and related vendors must provide their own labor, dollies, hand trucks, and if applicable, pre-approved small lifts and pallet jacks.


The client will be provided with a copy of the Facility Rental Rules & Regulations and the Facility Rental Agreement. When MCC receives a signed Facility Rental Rules & Regulations and Facility Rental Agreement along with the required deposits and/or payments, the requested date and time is booked for the client.

Hours of the event will be stated in the rental contract and fees shall be paid accordingly. All set-up and tear-down times will be included in the rental agreement. Rental rates are based on full hours. These fees are due 2 weeks prior to the event. MCC reserves the right to cancel an event if fees are not paid on time. If event does not conclude by the time stated in the contract, MCC will bill double the contracted rate for the additional hours the facility is used. Hours after midnight will be billed at triple the contracted rate.

Should a party be interested in a date that has been booked, the request will be placed on a waiting list. Should the date/space become available, waitlisted parties will be contacted in the order requests are received to determine their interest in booking The Coliseum.

Once a rental has been scheduled, the deposit for the rental is non-refundable and non-transferable. Certain dates and events may require full payment of the rental fee, in addition to the deposit, to secure The Coliseum and date.


A deposit is required when the Agreement is signed and is in addition to the rental fees. Deposit refunds may take up to 2 weeks following event to be issued. Deposits paid via credit card will be refunded on same card. Deposits paid via cash will be dispersed via Company Check payable to Lessee. Deposit refunds due to cancellation of the event will be issued in accordance with the Cancellations policy stated below.

Set-up, Tear-down, & Clean-up for an event is the responsibility of the lessee. If Lessee desires the MCC to set-up, tear-down, & clean-up after an event, the lessee will forfeit the cleaning deposit. Set-up diagram for tables and chairs must be received at least 1 week prior to the event. MCC will not decorate and no items may be delivered prior to rental times. If Lessee desires to set-up, tear-down, & clean-up, hours must be stated in the rental agreement and facility must be left in the condition in which it was received. Items left after rental become property of MCC. The MCC is not responsible for safeguarding or preserving any property left at MCC after the agreed upon rental hours. Any items left after the agreed upon rental hours will be disposed of by MCC.


Rental payments must be made in full no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. Payment adjustments based on additional charges or unforeseen circumstances will be billed after the event. Payment is due within 10 business days of MCC’s final invoice.


Any requests for accommodations under the ADA must be approved by the MCC Executive Director not less than 5 business days prior to the event. The MCC may refuse accommodations to the facility if the request would fundamentally alter the nature of MCC programs and services. The cost for any approved accommodations will be the responsibility of the lessee.


MCC’s name or logo may not be used without written approval from the MCC Executive Director. In no way should any claims be made to imply sponsorship or hosting of any event by the MCC unless expressly authorized, in writing, by the MCC Executive Director.

Any promotion for your event may list MCC or The Coliseum as the location for the event and the physical address of MCC. Any promotion for the event shall state a phone number for the event, the event sponsor and event contact information.


At the lessee’s expense, the MCC requires a comprehensive general liability insurance certificate from a carrier authorized to conduct business in the state of South Dakota. The general liability policy amount must be in an insurable amount not less than One Million ($1,000,000.) dollars per occurrence and Two Million ($2,000,000.) dollars aggregate. The policy shall contain an endorsement for liquor liability if alcoholic beverages are to be served or furnished in connection with the event. The insurance policy must name Multi-Cultural Center as the insured and Minnehaha County as the “additionally insured.” The lessee must provide Multi-Cultural Center with an original “Certificate of Insurance and Policy Endorsement” a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event. MCC reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement if proof of liability coverage is not received on time.


The lessee shall agree to indemnify and hold MCC, MCC’s officers, officials, employees, agents, volunteers, Minnehaha County and the City of Sioux Falls harmless from, and against any and all liabilities, claims, demands, causes of action, losses, damages and costs, including all costs of defense thereof, arising out of, or in any manner connected to directly or indirectly with the event.


MCC and the lessee performance under the Agreement is subject to acts of God, war, government regulation, terrorism, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities or any other emergency beyond either parties’ control, making it inadvisable, illegal, impossible to perform their obligations under the Agreement. Either party may cancel the Agreement for any one or more of such reasons upon written notice to the other.


Failure to comply with these policies could result in additional charges to the lessee or the termination of the Agreement.


MCC must be notified, in writing, of cancellation of an event well in advance. The following is MCC’s refund policy if the event is cancelled.

  • 6 months or more in advance of the event, the full deposit will be refunded, less a $50.00 administrative fee.
  • 3 months or more in advance of the event, 50% of the deposit less a $50.00 administrative fee will be refunded.
  • Less than 3 months in advance of the event results in forfeiture of the deposit. Lessee is responsible for any expense incurred by MCC on the lessee’s behalf. The lessee will also be billed the $50.00 administrative fee.

MCC reserves the right to cancel an Agreement at any point if the lessee fails to comply with MCC’s established policies and procedures. Such cancellation will result in the forfeiture of all fees paid and the event will not be rescheduled.


For the protection of the Coliseum and its exhibits, the MCC reserves the right to restrict or prohibit food or beverages at its discretion. MCC does not provide catering services. The lessee is responsible for hiring the caterer, wait staff, bartender, and any food/beverages associated with the event. Food and beverages may be served in the main Coliseum space only.

To keep in compliance with health code, any individual preparing food must wear a hat, gloves, and an apron. Any individual serving food must wear a hat and gloves. Lessee is responsible for providing these items for the event.


A liquor license is required if alcohol will be consumed in the facility. The lessee is responsible for any costs incurred obtaining the appropriate liquor license from the City of Sioux Falls. MCC requires a copy of the approved liquor license a minimum of 1 week prior to the event. If lessee does not have a liquor license and liquor is found on the premise, lessee will lose the deposit, will be charged the $100 nonrefundable liquor fee, and law enforcement may be called.

An individual appearing intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will not be allowed entrance into The Coliseum. No open liquor containers can leave the building. Glass bottles are not allowed in the building.

Alcohol is to be served in accordance with the State of South Dakota laws and ordinances of the City of Sioux Falls. No alcohol may be served by or to anyone under the age of 21 years. Alcohol may not be consumed by anyone under the age of 21 years in the Coliseum or on the surrounding property.

Security will be required and will be obtained by MCC and the lessee will be responsible for all applicable fees. Payment for security will be due a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the rental. Bag searches may be conducted by security upon entry and/or re-entry.


The MCC is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking and smokeless tobacco products are prohibited within the facility.


Security is required for events with 200 or more expected attendees and at any event where alcohol is being served. Security may be required for other events, at the discretion of MCC Rental Coordinator and/or MCC Executive Staff. If security is required, security will be obtained by MCC, and only by MCC, and the lessee will be responsible for all applicable fees. Payment for security will be due a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the rental. Bag searches may be conducted by security upon entry and/or re-entry.


Lessee will be billed $100 for any fire alarm that is pulled for anything but a legitimate reason.


No weapons or gang colors are allowed in or around the building.


Lessee is allowed outside vendors. MCC must be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the event of any outside vendors lessee has contracted with for the event.


All decorating materials must be approved by MCC in advance and must meet all Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue Department regulations. All décor items must be completely removed by the lessee according to the Facility Rental Agreement.

The following restrictions apply to the use of the Coliseum:

  • No candles or open flames are permitted within the building.
  • Hanging lights and decorations require advance written approval. The lessee may not use scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, glue, nails tacks, staples or similarly damaging materials to secure decorations.
  • No items may be affixed to fixtures, walls, wood panels, beams or lights.
  • No rice, bird seed, popcorn, confetti, glitter, or other objects may be thrown in or around the building.
  • No MCC exhibits, art work or property may be moved or rearranged without permission from staff.
  • All staff offices, classrooms and the MCC conference room are private areas and excluded from rental usage.
  • Search lights and laser lights are prohibited within the building.
  • Weapons and gang colors are prohibited in and around the building.
  • Rental equipment (tables, chairs, stages, etc.) must be pre-approved by MCC staff at least 5 business days prior to the event.


The Coliseum is an historic building, built in 1917, with limited electrical updates. Consequently, any desired electrical requirements above 20 amps, performances by major venues, or usage with sound systems will require the use of an external generator provided by a licensed contractor, arranged for and rented at the expense of the lessee.


All MCC’s programs and events take priority in the availability of space. Availability of space is also dependent upon staffing. A MCC Event Supervisor must be on site at all times during rentals. Any incident that requires the attention of the Executive Staff and/or Rental Coordinator may result in additional fees, determined on a case by case basis at the discretion of the MCC.

Event supervisors will not deviate from the contract. Any changes to the contract dates or times must be approved by the Rental Coordinator or Executive Staff at least 1 week prior to the event. The contract will be amended and any additional payments are due at that time. The event supervisors will not accept any payments nor allow facility use not stipulated in the contract.

Rental Cleaning Checklist

  • Tables/Chairs returned to their storage area.
  • Remove all decorations & tape.
  • Sweep: The Coliseum Floor, Women’s Restroom, Men’s Restroom,Family Restroom, Kitchen
  • Mop: The Coliseum Floor, Women’s Restroom, Men’s Restroom,Family Restroom, Kitchen
  • Clean up any smoking areas outside the building.
  • Stove is turned off.
  • Stove has been wiped down.
  • Ovens are turned off.
  • Ovens have been wiped down.
  • Refrigerator has been wiped out.
  • Refrigerator door is wiped down.
  • All counters are wiped down.
  • All sinks are empty and clear of debris.
  • All garbage emptied and taken to dumpster.

All items must be removed at the end of the rental. MCC will not be responsible for any items left in The Coliseum after the rental period has ended. All items will be immediately discarded.
revised 8/25/16