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LC-Arabic   Arabic
RNT-Dep   Basic Facility Rental Deposit
CS-BMW-001   Birthday Many Ways Card
CP-BMW-001   Birthday Many Ways Card Pk
Donate-Cash   Cash Donation
CS-CMW-001   Congratulations Many Ways Card
CP-CMW-001   Congratulations Many Ways Card Pk
11109   Crayon t-shirt
CS-CRA-001   Crayons Card
CP-CRA-001   Crayons Card Pk
CS-COL-001   Different Colors Card
CP-COL-001   Different Colors Card Pk
11110   Different Colors t-shirt
CS-DIV-001   Diversity Card
CP-DIV-001   Diversity Card Pk
11102   Diversity t-shirt
CP-VAR-001   Diversity Variety Card Pk
CS-DRS-001   Diversity-Respect Card
CP-DRS-001   Diversity-Respect Card Pk
11107   Diversity-Respect t-shirt
Donate-DE   Driver's Education Program
FISHINGRAFFLE1   Fishing Raffle - 1 entry
FISHINGRAFFLE6   Fishing Raffle - 6 entries
Donate-FOC   FOC Friendship Donation
11106   Human t-shirt
CS-ILU-001   I Love You Card
CP-ILU-001   I Love You Card Pk
INT-inv   Interpreting Services
CS-LTB-001   Lightbulb Card
CP-LTB-001   Lightbulb Card Pk
11104   Lightbulb t-shirt
OTH-PAY   Other Payment
PPP20TKT   Party with a Purpose Ticket (1)
PPP20TKT2   Party with a Purpose Ticket (2)
PPP20TKT8   Party with a Purpose Ticket (8)
CS-SMS-001   Same Smile Card
CP-SMS-001   Same Smile Card Pk
11103   Same Smile t-shirt
Donate-Snx   Snacks x24 for school year
STAIRCASE   Staircase
CS-TUM-001   Thank You Many Ways Card
CP-TUM-001   Thank You Many Ways Card Pk
Donate-Fuel   Transport 12x students
Donate-Tutoring   Tutoring 30 hrs
RNT-WDep   Wedding Rental Deposit

Page: 1